Snapchat Spectacles


Snapchat has released some new shades called snapchat spectacles. These specs have a camera located on the left side of the font frame and a LED indicator ring on the other side. The glasses come with a case which has connectors on either side which match up with the connector on the glasses. The case has its own in built battery but has a magnetic connector on top to charge it the case also has a LED indicator ring to show the battery level, there is also a button above this indicator ring on the top of the side arm frame. These glasses do not allow you to film others totally incognito as the indicator ring lights up when the spectacles are recording. The Snapchat Spectacles can only be purchased from a Snapbot which is a snapchat vending machine which is being placed and moved to different location. This is the only way to obtain the spectacles directly from snapchat although people are reselling them for very high prices. The specs cost $130 Link below to see were the Snapbots going next.

Find out were the snapbots are going next